Saturday, October 30, 2010

THE REDEMPTION OF DRAGONS: New Blog Highlights Southwest Baptist University's Multiple Violation of Accreditation Criteria

New Blog Highlights 
Southwest Baptist University's Multiple Violation of  
The Higher Learning Commission 
of the North Central Association
Accreditation Criteria

As we prepared to publish these letters (mentioned in previous post here), the need to clarify the conversation for those who have not been privy to this continuing controversy became obvious.

Therefore, on Sunday, October 31, 2010, we will be opening a new blog enumerating Southwest Baptist University's ongoing violations of their accreditation criteria.

Despite numerous complaints and pleas for reform, Southwest Baptist University and Missouri Baptist Convention officials remain adamant in their belief that SBU's "Baptist identity and heritage" exempts the university, its officials and supporters from secular law, common decency, and the need to adhere to the standards required of an institution of higher education.

The new blog will innumerate, define, and provide explanatory illustrations for each of several dozen policy, procedure, and practice violations of the accreditation criteria (see here) set forth by Southwest Baptist University's accrediting agency, the The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (see here).

On February 28 - March 1, 2011, The Higher Learning Commission has scheduled a field visit to the campus of Southwest Baptist University during which Marie and other colleagues and media-related individuals have agreed to provide access to several thousand pages of documentation demonstrating Southwest Baptist University's sustained violations of The Higher Learning Commission's accreditation criteria.

We request your prayers for the redemption of Southwest Baptist University from their enslavement to these dragons of tenacious arrogance, ungoverned indulgence, and unethical and unprofessional conduct, which seriously jeopardizes the
academic attainment and emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial, and physical well-being and safety of Southwest Baptist University students.